"My next record was conceived from two years of writing. In that time I was writing my way through a breakup, and as I felt myself recovering from it, the work took on a different tone. I met Grammy winning producer, Tore Johansson, through an introduction by friend and fellow songwriter, Nicole Atkins, and we began working together on distance. Tore is based in Sweden and I am based in New York. I began by sending him rough demos and he would come back to me with arrangements, tempo changes, and sometimes wildly different interpretations of my original work. It was exciting to begin this process with someone who thought outside the box, but who also listened to me when I felt he had stretched the song too far. Over the passed year, alongside tore's musical parter, Martin Gjerstad, we delved through about 100 songs whittling down the list to 12. The album is called "Next Time" and it feels like the culmination of the other records I've done thus far. Thematically I deal with similar stories about love and loss but I feel more emboldened now. I don't think I would have been able to make this album if I hadn't learned and gotten to know myself on the others. Thats why the title feels so fitting to me." Sophie Auster 

Sophie Auster is an award winning singer and songwriter, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has toured all over the world and has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Les InRocks, Spin, Glamour, Paris Match, Rolling Stone, Velvet, Paper, Nylon, Porter, and was spotlighted as one of W Magazine's rising young stars. Auster's last album has been praised by The New York Times for its "sultry, folksy vocals" and W Magazine calls it "soaring." John Osburn of the acclaimed music blog, Obsburt raves: "Each song was a realization, and a high point. Her voice is relentlessly surprising, shimmering with folk, blues, concert rock, and cabaret." Auster has made two LP's, her self titled debut released under Naive records, Dogs and Men, and one EP, Red Weather. Her forthcoming album, Next Time, is due out in 2018. 

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“The Tijuana style brass, languid rhythms, and sultry atmospherics of the song will have you reaching for a cold, sweaty drink in an attempt to beat all that sensual heat”.
— Black Book Magazine
“Sophie has a diva voice and an elegant style and in her music (that she defines as “classical with pop and jazz influences”) we can see models such as Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Fiona Apple.”
— D La Repubblica 

‘’…”Mexico”, a song that is reminiscent of a 50’s film noir filmed “south of the border”. Enriched by the sound of lively trumpets and irresistibly sung, the song brings out both the charisma of Auster’s voice and her talent as a songwriter.”
— Udite Udite ! 


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by Sophie Auster